Grave Error: Wrong Birth Date Etched on Ed Koch Tombstone

A tombstone engraver made the former N.Y. mayor nearly two decades younger after carving 1942 instead of 1924 as his birth year into the granite slab.

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A tombstone engraver made Ed Koch nearly two decades younger after carving the wrong birth year into the New York City mayor’s granite slab.

Tommy Flynn of Flynn Funeral & Cremation Memorial Centers Inc. transposed two numbers in Koch’s birth year, making him born in 1942 rather than 1924, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

Koch died last February 1 at 88. He supervised the engraving of his tombstone except for the dates of birth and death.

The stone includes the last words of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, murdered by Islamist terrorists in Pakistan in 2002: “My father is Jewish, my mother is Jewish, I am Jewish.”

Flynn told The New York Times he would fix the error within three weeks.

Ed Koch tombstone with the engraving of his birth year as 1942 instead of 1924.Credit: Screengrab NBC New York
New York City Mayor Ed Koch, center, gesturing as he marches in a Labor Day parade down New York's Fifth Avenue in this Sept. 7, 1981 file photo.Credit: AP