German neo-Nazi Cell Distributes anti-Semitic Version of Monopoly

Neo-Nazi board game, called Pogromly, first surfaced in 1997; recently exposed cell reportedly sold dozens of units to extreme rightists across Germany.

Members of a German neo-Nazi group discovered last month distributed dozens of copies of an anti-Semitic version of Monopoly, called Pogromly, selling units to neo-Nazi activists across Germany.

The game first hit the market back in 1997, distributed by the terror cell that called itself the National Socialist Underground. The board features an array of Nazi symbols; Swastikas, a picture of Hitler, and four concentration camps.


One copy of the game was recovered by German police in a 1998 raid on the apartment of the female member of the group, which also included two other men. The German Police also found explosives in the same raid.

The game was sold for 100 Deutsche Marks, with part of the proceeds used to fund the underground group.

The cell was discovered last week, after two of its members committed suicide after a bank robbery.

The cell is believed to have shot dead 10 people, mostly foreign-born shopkeepers, and carried out at least 14 bank robberies to finance their activities.

The group’s last remaining member, a woman, was arrested. In the last few days, the German press has been reporting that the group had ties to the German extreme right-wing party – NPD.

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