Israeli Promoter Takes Flak for Gay Party Ad Evoking Islamic State Beheadings

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Tel Aviv gay-party promoter Dreck ran an ad for a September 19, 2014, party. evoking Islamic State's beheadings.Credit: Dreck Facebook page via Gay Star News

An Israeli group that arranges and promotes parties for the gay community is taking heat for a party ad that evoked Islamic State's video beheadings of three western journalists and aid workers.

The group, Dreck, last Friday sponsored a party at the Ha'Oman (The Artist) club in Tel Aviv. Media reports say the group promoted the event with a photo showing a man in orange kneeling in front of a man dressed in black.

In another ad, a man clad in a black print bathing suit stands with his arm outstretched and holding a black flag. The ad copy says "Dreckistan at Ha'Oman."

Islamic State has promoted its killings with Internet videos in which one of its attackers, clad in black, stands over a captive in an orange jumpsuit, lectures the west – particularly addressing President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron – and then cuts the captive's throat.

Reports say the invitation on the group's Facebook page said that "as the new Islamic State gains traction in the Middle East, we at Dreck have decided to give in to Sharia law and cheer the stubborn Da'esh."

Da'esh is the Arab acronym for Islamic State. And the ad employs a play on words: "Stubborn" can be written in Hebrew as "hard-necked," a reference to Islamic State's executions.

Dreck (Yiddish for "shit," used in Hebrew as "worthless") has posted an apology on Facebook, saying, "Our enemies will win when we live in fear and let them control our thoughts. Humor takes the sting out of threatening and harmful issues. If the promotion of our most recent party hurt anyone's feelings, we apologize."