For Sale: Hitler's Toilet, All the Way From a New Jersey Garbage Dump

The old toilet is wearing thin on owner, who has put it to good use in his auto repair shop.

The owner of a toilet that came from Adolf Hitler's state yacht said this weekend he wants to sell his historical relic.

Greg Kohfeldt, who keeps the john at his auto repair shot in Florence, New Jersey, said he first tried to sell it on a British television show, the British Daily Mail reported on its website. "The episode was never broadcast," the website quotes him as saying. "It was a real pain because I had to get the toilet disconnected to take it there. The toilet is getting a bit long in the tooth now. It still works well; the Germans knew how to build things back then."

Workers at Greg's Auto Repair still use the toilet every day, according to the Daily Mail.

The white porcelain toilet made Time's "Top 10 Famous Toilets" list in 2010. It was originally installed on the Aviso Grille, which was built in 1935. The yacht was taken to the United States after the war, and was dismantled in the early 1950s. The toilet ended up in a New Jersey junkyard, from where it made its way to the auto repair shop.

Kohfeldt also owns the accompanying sink, bearing knobs written in the Blackletter font adored by Hitler, according to online magazine Tablet.