What's on the Menu

Among the salads served at Al Maghreb: green salad, zaalouk (a cooked salad made with eggplant, tomatoes, spices and parsley ), lentil salad, tabbouleh (cracked wheat, tomatoes and greens ), harissa (hot chili paste ), citrus and olives, matbucha (grilled red peppers and tomatoes ) - NIS 6 per dish, served with whole wheat bread.

A salad made with vegetables, quinoa, sprouts and pumpkin seeds - a throwback to chef Kamal Albaz's days at the organic food chain - costs NIS 32.

menu - David Bachar - November 23 2010
David Bachar

Sandwiches made using Moroccan bread baked on site are also available - with mutton kebab, merguez sausages or pieces of pullet - at NIS 25 each. Assorted variations of harira soup cost NIS 28. Filo pastilles filled with chicken or vegetables: NIS 28-32.

A selection of couscous dishes can also be found at Al Maghreb - with pieces of veal, pieces of pullet and kebab, pieces of chicken or a vegetarian offering - costing NIS 32 each.

Highly recommended: Moroccan dishes cooked in a tajine - a clay pot with a conical chimney top. Offerings include beef meatballs or chicken with celery, chicken with potatoes, pieces of beef with plums, and a vegetarian tajine of cooked vegetables (NIS 32-45 ).

Al Maghreb, 48 Menachem Begin Road, Tel Aviv; open Sunday through Thursday from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M., and Friday until 3:00 P.M.