VIDEO / Babka Cake – a Purim Favorite

Babka is an Eastern European sweet yeast cake with chocolate or cinnamon filling. A mishloach manot favorite.

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Babka is an Eastern European sweet yeast cake. The Jewish version is a yeast dough, which is rolled, twisted and typically baked in a loaf pan. The dough is filled with a chocolate or cinnamon filling and topped with streusel.

Babka cake

A similar cake called Kokosh, is also a yeast cake with a cinnamon or chocolate filling, however it isn't twisted or topped with streusel.

The delicious smell of fresh Babka coming out of the even is matched by its delicious taste. This video shows how to make an excellent Babka with minimum effort.

A mishloach manot favorite!

View and print the Babka recipe here.

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