Modern Manna Recipe / Moufleta


Adapted from Ronit Amar from Nesher, Israel

The moufleta is a crepe-like pastry that is served by Moroccan Jews during the Mimouna holiday, which is celebrated the day after Passover.


2 1/4 lb. flour
1 3/4 oz. fresh yeast
3 cups water
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoon canola oil
Butter and honey for serving


1. Mix all the ingredients and knead to form a dough

2. Roll 2” balls and arrange on an oiled tray.

3. Put a skillet over low - medium heat. Keep a bowl of oil next to you. Take one ball of dough, oil it a little, and using your fingers open it slowly until it is about 1/16” thin and about the size of a pita bread. Add more oil as needed.

4. Put the first ball of dough on the skillet and fry it a couple of minutes on both sides. this first moufleta will serve as a protective layer for the rest of the moufleta you’ll make.

5. Open the next ball of dough the same way, and put in the skillet over the first moufleta you just fried. After a coupe of minutes turn the moufleta to the other side, so this time the new moufleta is actually on the skillet itself. Transfer to a plate. Continue with the rest of the dough.

6. You can spread butter and/or honey on each moufleta, fold it into half and then to a quarter. Serve immediately.