Word of the Day / Hatich

The Hebrew word meaning 'piece' has come to describe the hot guy or gal you want a piece of.

A picture speaks a thousand words, and as this one strongly indicates - a "hatich" is a hot guy.

The origin of this Hebrew slang term is interesting: "Hatich" literally means "piece," as in a piece of pie.

Why is a good-looker called "a piece"? Hmm. Truth is, many languages objectify the beautiful male or female. Perhaps it's jealousy.

Anyway, Israelis borrowed the idea from their Arab neighbors who call a hunk a "shap" ("shaqp" with a silent "q") which also means "piece."

The word, found in any and every conversation that I at least find of interest, can be used both as a noun - "I need to get my legs waxed - I just met a real hatich!" and as an adjective, "Her new boyfriend is so hatich, she must've prayed well on Yom Kippur."

The feminine counterpart of the word is "hatich-a," describing a pretty woman. But the unpleasant truth be told, if you use that term, you date yourself. That relatively innocuous reference has been replaced by a much cruder term inspired by female body parts. Figure it out for yourself.

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