New Daily Show Host Under Fire for Tweets Targeting Jews, Women and Israel

Trevor Noah's tweets over the last few years years have been seen as anti-Semitic and misogynistic. Many people are not impressed with Jon Stewart's replacement.

Trevor Noah.
Trevor Noah. AP

Trevor Noah, the 31-year-old South African comedian picked on Tuesday to replace Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show TV comedy program, is already under fire.

Twitter posts in his name that refer disparagingly to Jews and women have been reposted on social media over the past two days, with many calling on Noah, who is virtually unknown in America, to apologize. The posts date back to 2009.

In May last year he wrote: "Behind every successful Rap Billionaire is a double as rich Jewish man. #BeatsByDreidel."

A couple of months before that, he wrote: "Messi gets the ball and the real players try foul him, but Messi doesn't go down easy, just like jewish chicks. #ElClasico."

Other of Noah's statements include: "South Africans know how to recycle like Israel knows how to be peaceful," and "Almost bumped a Jewish kid crossing the road. He didn't look b4 crossing the road, but I still would hav felt so bad in my german car."

He is also reported to have explained that "Jewboy" and "untermensch" are not racist statements because "one simply means Jew and the other means a short person."

Posts regarded as disparaging women include "Oh yeah the weekend. People are gonna get drunk & think that I'm sexy! – fat chicks everywhere," and "A hot white woman with ass is like a unicorn. Even if you do see one, you'll probably never get to ride it."


The reactions have not been long in coming. People have been mocking the executives of Comedy Central, the producer of the Daily Show, for not knowing how to do a Twitter search.

Comedian Roseanne Barr chimed in with, "U should cease sexist & anti semitic 'humor' about jewish women & Israel." Many others tweeted that they won't be watching The Daily Show any longer.

Comedy Central has not responded to the uproar.

The son of a Xhosa mother, who Noah says is half-Jewish, and a Swiss father, Noah speaks an impressive six languages and is expected to bring a more international perspective to The Daily Show.

He joined the show as a correspondent only three months ago.