FBI: U.S. Couple Kidnapped Israeli to Force Him to Grant His Wife Jewish Divorce

David and Judy Wax allegedly kidnapped the man after he visited their home in October 2010; unclear what connection is between the couple and the man's wife, who wanted the divorce.

A New Jersey couple surrendered themselves to the FBI on Monday, and were subsequently charged with abducting an Israeli man last year.

The FBI says the couple abducted the man, beat him and threatened to bury him alive if he didn't grant his wife a religious divorce.

FBI agents make an arrest

Federal authorities say the victim had refused to give his wife a ‘get,’ or a divorce sanctioned by the Rabbinical Court, preventing her from remarrying. The man also fought for custody of the children, and moved from Israel to New York.

In October 2010, the Israeli man was invited to visit the couple in their home, allegedly for business reasons. Authorities say David and Judy Wax kidnapped him, robbed him and forced him to say he would grant the divorce.

David Wax is also accused of threatening to have the victim's father killed if he didn't pay the wife $100,000.

It is unclear what the connection is between David and Judy Wax, and the Israeli man’s wife, who remained in Israel.

Defense attorney Steven Secare says Judy Wax will plead not guilty Monday in federal court. It isn't clear if David Wax has an attorney.