Famous Jewish Dads We Love Most

A Father’s Day distraction from gift giving and brunch munching.

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Stressed out over what to do for dad this Father’s Day? No tips here, but we can offer you a distraction in the form of a list of our favorite Jewish celebrity dads.

Being that Hollywood is just about as fickle and popularity-obsessed as your average high school, we decided to give these guys the yearbook treatment and bust out the superlatives.

Silliest: Jack Black. The funniest dads are the ones who often act like kids themselves (in a good way). We can’t think of anyone who fits this bill more than the “School of Rock” star. Samuel, 7, and Thomas, 5, must laugh a lot.

Brainiest: Jon Stewart. Not many kids can say that their dad is the sole news source for the entire pot-smoking 18-24 year demographic. Actually only two kids can say that: Nathan, 8, and Maggie, 7.

Most likely to embarrass his kids at their bat mitzvahs: Adam Sandler. Two daughters (Sadie, 7, and Sunny, 4) means two bat mitzvahs. It’s basically impossible Sandler won’t pull a “Wedding Singer” at at least one of them.

Most likely to get crushed on by his daughter’s friends: Paul Rudd. It’ll be at least another decade until daughter Darby, 3, has to worry about this. But we’re sure Rudd, also dad to Jack, 7, will be just as cute by then.

Most transformed on screen: Sacha Baron Cohen. Surely when Olive, 6, and Elula, 2, finally watch “Borat” or any of their dad’s other nutty, raunchy, hilarious films, they won’t see anything in his characters that reminds them of the dad they know and love. At least we really hope not.

Most likely to get through this rough patch: Michael Douglas. It hasn’t been an easy year for Douglas. His son Cameron, 34, is in jail on drug-related charges and just had his sentence extended by four years. Catherine Zeta Jones, his wife and mother of his kids Dylan, 12, and Carys, 10, was recently treated for bipolar disorder. And last but not least, Douglas is suffering from stage 4 throat cancer, caused, he recently revealed, by oral sex. We’re certain things will look up for the poor guy. They just have to.

Hottest: Lenny Kravitz. The father of Zoe, 25, is very hot. Oh, and we like his music, too.

Most likely to have the most stylish kids ever: Matthew Broderick. We’re sure 11-year-old James will be a sharp dresser, but the world better watch out for twins, Marion and Tabitha, almost 4. With a mother like Sarah Jessica Parker what else would you expect?

Happy Father’s Day you guys!

Adam Sandler plays Donny Berger in Columbia Pictures' comedy 'That’s My Boy.'Credit: Columbia Pictures
Jack Black.Credit: Reuters

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