ESPN Removes Fantasy Leagues With anti-Semitic Names From Website

Anti-Semitic names include 'Jews are Immoral' and 'Jews Are Terrible'.

ESPN has removed fantasy leagues with anti-Semitic names from its website after the Simon Wiesenthal Center pointed them out.

The Jewish human rights organization praised the sports network for its quick response to the complaint, which it brought to ESPN's attention on Wednesday.

The Wiesenthal Center said that "Jews are Immoral" and "Jews Are Terrible" were among the offensive team names.

Network spokesman Josh Krulewitz said that while ESPN has systems in place to protect against inappropriate team and league names "clearly with millions of users and deceptive ways around the safeguards, we can never completely eliminate it."

Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Wiesenthal Center said Thursday that ESPN responded in good faith to its concerns.

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