Conn. Student Reportedly Subject to anti-Semitic Bullying in School

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Orit Avizov, who complained of anti-Semitic bullying against her son.
Orit Avizov, a Connecticut mother who complained of anti-Semitic bullying against her son at his junior high.Credit: Screenshot

A Connecticut mother, Orit Avizov, is accusing the suburban New Haven school district where her son is a junior high school student of inaction in the face of anti-Semitic bullying that she says her son has been subjected to.

Avizov told New Haven television station WTNH that the abuse at the Branford school district's Walsh Intermediate School included slamming her son's head into a locker, knocking him to the ground and kicking and punching him, adding that her son was also subject to the taunt "kill the Jew, kill the Jew."  A local website, the Branford Seven, quoted a letter that it said was sent to the U.S. Justice Department alleging that a group of students yelled: "Kill the Jew! Jews don’t deserve anything nice! Give us all your money!

“He was afraid. He was humiliated. He was beat up in school," Avizov told WTNH. She also told the station that when her son expressed reluctance to go back to school, she said: "You are going. You are going to be stronger than this. We are going to beat this.” Avizov said she and other parents concerned about bullying that apparently goes beyond anti-Semitism took their concerns to the school administration.

WTNH TV report on son of Orit AvizovCredit: WTNH TV

Although not specifically addressing Avizov's son's case, school superintendent Hamlet Hernandez issued a statement saying: “Branford Public Schools is committed to ensuring each school maintains a safe environment for all students,” and adding: "The district strongly condemns inappropriate behavior toward any student, including bullying, violence and racial attacks. All claims of misconduct or prohibited behavior are investigated and addressed in a timely, thorough and judicious manner by the administration,” the New Haven Register website reported.

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