In Video, Coca Cola Recalls 'Good Old Times' of Nazi Rule in Germany

Following criticism, the company pulls the Fanta 75th anniversary video.

Ofer Aderet
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Screen grab from the video
Ofer Aderet

Coca Cola was forced to remove a promotional video from the Web Friday following criticism that it was praising Nazi rule of Germany.

The company released the video to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the company's orange soda Fanta, which was developed by Coca Cola in Nazi Germany during the 1940s as an alternative to the company's cola drink.

"75 years ago, resources for our beloved Coke in Germany were scarce," the video explained the reasons that lead the company to develop the drink. "To celebrate Fanta, we want to give you the feeling of the good old times back," the video went on, neglecting to mention that these "good old times" were the days of World War II and the Holocaust, in which millions perished.

Following an uproar on the Internet, the company pulled the video and uploaded an edited version without a reference to the "good old times." The original video was saved and uploaded to Vimeo.

75 Jahre Fanta from Pandawink Rubberbats on Vimeo.