Latest Batch of Hillary Clinton Emails Shed New Light on U.S.-Israel Gefilte Fish Spat

Newly released e-mails include a letter to then-Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren from two Congressmen with the plea 'Let our people('s fish) go!'

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a primary night event in Hooksett, New Hampshire, February 9, 2016.

The latest batch of Hillary Clinton's private e-mails released by the U.S. State Department sheds new light on the gefilte fish trade dispute between Israel and the United States. 

The new information fills out the picture regarding what Jewish Insider's Kornbluth called "the gefilte fish story that fascinated the political world when first revealed last year." In an e-mail from 2010, made public in August 2014 and sent with the subject line "Gefilte Fish," Clinton asked for an update on a trade dispute with Israel ahead of the Passover holiday - over carp. 

"Israel had imposed a large tariff on imported carp (often used for gefilte fish), harming Schafer Fisheries from Illinois, that exported a lot of carp to Israel. As a result, some 400,000 pounds of frozen carp were held up," Jewish Insider reported. "The issue was later resolved after the intervening of Hillary and [Israeli] Ambassador [Michael] Oren," Jewish Insider stated.

On Saturday, the batch of e-mails released by the State Department included the gefilte fish dispute update that Clinton had requested. Coming from the Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs, Richard Verma, it made reference to two containers at Haifa port that the United States was seeking to have admitted duty-free, saying that progress was being made. "On the larger issue of the remaining 7 containers still in the U.S. and waiting to be shipped, as well as future shipments, it is much more difficult and more complicated because Israel has the legal right to impose the duties under our existing bilateral trade and economic agreements."

The update ends with reference to a letter from then Congressmen Don Manzullo and Anthony Weiner to Ambassador Oren in which they asked that Israel stop imposing customs duties on imported carp "so that the important and symbolic tradition of eating gefilte fish on Jewish holidays is available to all Israelis.” And the letter concludes: “Let our people('s fish) go!”

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