Son's Circumcision on Instagram Upset Fans of Jason Biggs and Wife Jenny Mollen

Baby's birth was announced with a tweet: Sid Biggs. Full head of hair, huge penis, 10k twitter followers.

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Actor Jason Biggs of "American Pie" fame and wife Jenny Mollen have upset some of their fans by sharing pictures of their baby son's circumcision on Instagram.

"Today was not a good day to be Sid's penis," was how Mollen captioned a photo of her kissing her newborn's head as dad stands by smiling.

Another shot showed the family of three wrapped in a tallit (Jewish prayer shawl) with Mollen writing, "Right after we decided not to bury the foreskin in our backyard for fear that Teets might find it and bring it into bed to sleep with us. That's so Teets!"

Teets, it turns out, is the couple's dog. He and Sid were later seen snuggling with Mollen in a photo captioned "My two sons."

The first-time parents were immediately criticized for their lighthearted approach to the situation.

"He has to live with a mutilated penis because his parents are ignorant," wrote a critic with the handle "Ianbrayamia" in response to their photos.

Another, named "Floppymagma," wrote, "Wasn't a good day for poor Sid either! Poor baby. It's amazing that a country so advanced in so many ways is still so backdated."

The family continued having fun, posting another photo of the three of them wrapped in a Jewish prayer shawl together.

"The decision to slice should belong to the owner of the sex organ," wrote a fan with the handle "randallreynolds."

The couple, who married in 2008, welcomed their first child on February 15. "Sid Biggs. Full head of hair, huge penis, 10k twitter followers," Mollen wrote following his birth.

Jason, Jenny and Sid wrapped in a tallit.Credit: Instagram

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