Buzzfeed Staffers Sample the Finest Snacks Israel Has to Offer

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Buzzfeed presents 'Americans Try Israeli Snacks'

First Emmy, the popular YouTube snack sampler, ate Israel, trying everything from Bamba to Bissli – and now Buzzfeed staffers have followed suit, with a clip that to date has garnered more than 1 million views on YouTube.

The clip "Americans Try Israeli Snacks" features hipsters tasting a handful of Israeli treats, including the chocolate pudding Milky (which was at the center of recent protests over the high cost of living in Israel), the peanut-flavored puffs Bamba, chocolate with popping candies, Bissli and Krembo.

So what's the verdict? Milky appears to be the big winner all around and Krembo fared well, too, with one sampler saying, "Whoever invented this snack is just like a master of the craft."

The popping chocolate elicited responses such as, "It's like when you're at a club and you think the party's over, but it's not, 'cause it's still going in my mouth right now."

Bamba, which the testers said "look like Cheetos, but smell like peanuts," seemed to be the least appealing of Israeli treats, yet somehow irresistible. As one guy put it, "I hate them but I want more of them."

After tasting the snacks, though, the most pressing question on some of the Buzzfeed staffers minds was, naturally, how readily available bacon is in Israel.

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