Body of Ukrainian Jew Missing Since Hitler's Birthday Found in Kiev

Chabad has rejected Kiev police request to delay funeral for Aryeh-Leib Misenzon pending further investigation.


Murder scene, Archive

Ukrainian authorities over the weekend found the body of a 25-year-old Jewish man was reported missing more than three weeks ago. It is not yet clear whether local authorities are treating the murder as an anti-Semitic incident.

Aryeh-Leib Misenzon's body was found mutilated and dumped in a Kiev neighborhood late Friday night. Chabad officials identified him as the young man who has been missing since April 20, the anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birthday.

Kiev Police believe Mizenson was kidnapped and murdered, and that his assailants mutilated his body soon after.

Local authorities have asked to delay his funeral pending further investigation, but Chabad has demanded that his body be turned over to his family for a proper Jewish burial.