Beyond Happily Ever After: When Princesses Fall

The Little Mermaid in an aquarium, Cinderella drunk in a pub: What's so appealing about seeing Disney heroes in 'real life' settings?

Dina Goldstein’s “Fallen Princesses” is having another moment. You may have seen the collection of photographs when they debuted in 2009. But if not, don’t worry. In the last couple of days, Facebook and Twitter feeds have been stuffed with links to numerous articles and blog posts about the project.

According to the Tel Aviv-born and Vancouver-based conceptual artist and photographer, this is the third time that “Fallen Princesses,” which takes an ironic look at children’s parables, has gone viral.

“I don’t really know what happened, but there seem to be new eyes looking at it,” Goldstein told the Sisterhood, of the images that imagine what might have really happened after the happy endings of various fairytales and Disney movies.

It was breast cancer that spurred Goldstein to create this series. She began working on it in 2007, when her mother was diagnosed with the disease and her older daughter concurrently became obsessed with princesses (she’s now kicked the habit at age 8). Thankfully, Goldstein’s mother is fine now.

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