Bankrupt Biblical 'Zoo' Moving Stuffed Animals to Catskills

Unless a savior walks in, the taxidermists’ answer to Noah’s ark will have to sell its home.

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The Torah gave man dominion over the animals, but also famously commanded people to be considerate of other species. Fittingly, none of the hundreds of stuffed specimens at Torah Animal World in Brooklyn’s Borough Park was killed for the sake of the display – and none will be staying when the bankrupt “zoo” is tossed out on its ear, the New York Post reports.

Torah Animal World contains about 350 animals mentioned in the Old Testament and the Talmud, artfully crammed into a two-bedroom house. None are alive: All are examples of the taxidermist’s art. Some are mere heads; others are in full-action if glassy-eyed mode, such as a bear tackling a deer.

It’s the perfect place for kids who stress out in the presence of predators with mouths bigger than their heads. It’s rather reminiscent of a crowded, biblical version of New York’s Natural History Museum’s stuffed animal collection.

It would seem, however, that the world isn’t beating a path to the World’s door. Lacking sufficient income to stay afloat despite charging $10 per visitor, the house is for sale and only a timely champion on a live white horse could help.

If none arrives, the animal collection will be moving from Borough Park to the Catskills, laments Rabbi Shaul Shimon Deutsch, who owns and runs the museum.

Meanwhile, don’t just show up and expect to walk in. Visits are by appointment only. But if you make the effort, you could be rewarded by a lesson on the difference between kosher and unkosher animals, demonstrated visually with the help of the collection.

Torah Animal World in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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