Australian Radio Host, Broadcaster Apologize for Hitler-oven Game

Triple J talk show host initially refuses to apologize for leading a Nazi word-association game.

Australias public broadcaster apologized after a radio host asked his listeners to play a word association game involving Hitler and fan-forced ovens.

The prank broadcast Aug. 9 on Triple J, the Australian Broadcasting Corporations youth radio station, caused Dvir Abramovich, the director of the Center for Jewish History and Culture at the University of Melbourne, to lament in the Sydney Morning Herald the following morning that there seems to be no aspect or symbol of the Holocaust that is not subject to perverse abuse and cheap trivialization.

Host Tom Ballard initially refused to apologize, saying on Twitter: If you dont like the show, just dont listen.

But the station issued a statement later on Aug. 10 saying it apologizes unreservedly for any offense caused.

Ballard said on Aug. 10 that he sincerely apologized for the joke that offended and upset a lot of people. Thats not what I like doing, he said. I like making people laugh and I like making people happy.

Illustration: Technicians work at a radio studio.