An Epic Shabbat Dinner Table

A 197-foot long table with room for more than 300 diners seeks to be included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Forward
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The Forward

Imagine your regular Shabbat dinner. Now extend the table and summon several more chairs. And a few more. OK, now add about a hundred more seats. Your table is still not likely to be even half the size of the record-setting Shabbat dinner that was recently on display in the Israeli city of Bnei Brak.

A 197-foot long table with room for more than 300 diners was assembled by the Bnei Brak-based Coca Cola Israel company, in what is said to be the longest Shabbat dinner setting ever. Arranged on it was the traditional Shabbat fixings, including china plates, crystal goblets, Kiddush wine, challah bread, and, of course, dozens of Coca Cola bottles. Several hundred members of the Bnei Brak community took part in a pre-Shabbat meal around the long table, in which traditional meat, fish and cholent dishes circulated in the unique setting.

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A 197-foot long Shabbat table, with room for more than 300 participants.Credit: Aviv Hofi / The Forward