It Turns Out That JetBlue Spat Was All in the Family

Lisa Rosenberg was kicked off a JetBlue flight for arguing vociferously with a Palestinian; it now turns out her rival was Jewish.

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A JetBlue plane.
A JetBlue plane.Credit: Screenshot

A Jewish gynecologist who was booted off a JetBlue flight three weeks ago after a vociferous argument with a Palestinian, was in fact arguing with a fellow Jew, the New York Post reports.

The second woman identified herself as a Jew from Brooklyn in a phone call with the gynecologist, Dr. Lisa Rosenberg, of Queens, and in an interview with the Post. She asked not to be named.

She said that she had identified herself as Palestinian to stop Rosenberg’s “hate-filled diatribe” against Palestinians.

“I told you at the time I was Palestinian because I wanted you to stop your rant. If I said I was Jewish, you wouldn’t have stopped,” the woman told Rosenberg, who recorded the conversation. “I shouldn’t have said it, but I did.”

The argument that got Rosenberg kicked off the JetBlue flight from Florida to New York began when a fellow passenger complained about her remarks concerning the Israel-Palestinian dispute while talking loudly on her cellphone.

It soon degenerated into mutual accusations. The Brooklyn woman said Rosenberg spoke about Palestinians in such a derogatory manner that “I couldn’t take it anymore.”

She accused Rosenberg of “turning on me like a pit bull,” after she "quietly" objected to the gynecologist's statements. She quoted Rosenberg as saying, "You’re a child murderer and a danger to this plane.”

Rosenberg later claimed she was bounced by anti-Semitic crew members. JetBlue insisted she falsely implied the rival passenger was carrying a bomb.

Rosenberg insists she was simply praising Israel for arresting six citizens accused of torching a Palestinian teen in revenge for the murder of three Israeli teens, whose killers have not been caught. She also worried about her daughter’s upcoming trip to Israel.

Rosenberg also denies she refused to stop protesting and sit down when a flight attendant asked her to do so and says she was told " Jews don’t make the rules on this plane," when she asked to speak with the pilot.

JetBlue spokeswoman Real Hamilton-Romeo disputed the account: “She was not asked to leave because she is Jewish. A person who doesn’t comply with safety instructions, exhibits objectionable behavior and causes conflict will be asked to leave. That decision is not made lightly.”

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