WATCH / Only Existing Film Footage of Anne Frank

Short video shows Frank the year before her and her family were forced into hiding.

A video showing the only live footage of Anne Frank ever recorded was uploaded to YouTube by the Anne Frank House of Amsterdam on Wednesday.

The video, which shows the front of the apartment building where the Frank family lived, was shot on July 22, 1941, about a year before the Frank family went into hiding in a concealed apartment.

The opening shot of the video is of the front of the building; the camera then follows a couple as they walk down stairs. From there, the camera moves up the building where Anne is seen in the window of the second floor apartment gazing in the direction of the young couple walking down the street.

An additional video showing an interview with Frank's father, Otto, is expected to be released on to YouTube soon. The video will also contain footage of an interview with Miep Gies, the Frank family friend who found Anne's diary after the Nazi's captured the family. Gies later gave the dairy to Otto, the sole survivor out of eight residents who lived in the hidden apartment before being discovered.

The Anne Frank House said that because their teaming up with YouTube, people around the world will be able to see and learn about Anne Frank and her diary.