Suspected Muslim Extremist Shoots and Kills Yemen Jew

Moshe Yaish Nahari gunned down in Riydah; police arrest suspected killer, say have little info about motive.

Yemen authorities on Friday said a suspected Muslim extremist has been arrested for allegedly shooting and killing a Yemeni Jew.

A police official said Moshe Yaish Nahari was gunned down in the northern town of Riydah on Thursday but police have little information about the motive behind the killing.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity Friday because he was not authorized to talk to the media.

Said Jacob, a friend of the Nahari family, confirmed the 39-year-old Jew was gunned down but did not know the identity of the assailant.

Most of Yemen's roughly 400 remaining Jews live in Riydah. The poor country at the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula once had tens of thousands of Jews, but most have emigrated since, many to Israel.