Iran Jews Gripped by Fear in Wake of Post-election Violence

Many community activists in the U.S. worry speaking out against regime will jeopardize fate of those still in Tehran.

During the recent uprisings in Iran following the June 12th elections in that country, I have been approached by dozens of individuals asking me what is going on in Iran's Jewish community today.

The simple answer is pure fear, an emotion which is nothing new to Jewish minorities who have lived and somehow survived massacres, pogroms, as well as forced conversions in Iran for the past 2,700 years.

Since the current crisis broke out in Iran, I have had scores of Iranian Jewish activists and leaders repeatedly remind me to "watch" what I write about with regard to the government in Iran.

They fear that what is said by our community in the U.S. may possible jeopardize the lives of the Jews living in Iran.

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