Five Arrested in Argentina for Attacking Jews at Israel Day Rally

Anti-Semitic demonstrations turn violent during community event to mark Israel's 61st anniversary.

Argentine police arrested at least five people Sunday that attacked Jews attending an event to mark the 61st anniversary of Israel's creation, Army Radio reported Monday.

The attackers waved anti-Semitic signs opposite the scene of the event - being held in a government building in the capital Buenos Aires - before attacking attendees, according to Army Radio.

As a result of the disturbances, police were forced to escort Israeli Ambassador Daniel Gazit away from the scene.

Argentina's Jewish community - the largest in South America - has been targeted by two deadly terrorist attacks in the past.

Eighty-five people were killed when a van packed with explosives blew up on July 18, 1994 at the AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires. Two years earlier, 29 people were killed in an attack on the Israeli embassy.