Comedian Jackie Mason Hits Back at Sarah Silverman's pro-Obama Video

Mason derides Silverman for telling Jews who to vote for, urges Jews to vote for McCain because they want to.

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) and American comedian Jackie Mason released a video response to comedian Sarah Silverman's "The Great Schlep" video, in which the young comic expresses her support for U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

In the video, posted on YouTube like the Silverman clip, Mason derides Silverman for telling viewers who they should vote for, saying "Don't vote for McCain because I told you to, vote for him because you want to." Mason encourages people to look at the candidates' records and vote what their conscience tells them.

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks hailed Mason's efforts, saying "Jackie Mason tells it like it is and there is no one else like him in the Jewish community. A central theme of this video is Mason's outrage at the arrogance and self-importance of Sarah Silverman and her Hollywood friends for telling people whom they should vote for. In addition, Mason points out that Silverman fails to make the case for why Obama should be president."

"While it is our hope that people will be entertained by this video, the message is a serious one. At the end of the day, no amount of Hollywood star power will erase the fact that Barack Obama continues to have a problem in the Jewish community."

In Silverman's video, the young comedienne urges Jews to convince grandparents living in Florida - a key swing state - to vote for Obama.

Readers should note that the video contains strong language.