Adrienne Cooper, Yiddish Singer and Reviver of Klezmer Music, Dies

Cooper, an activist and fourth-generation Yiddish singer, performed the world over.

Adrienne Cooper, a fourth-generation Yiddish singer and music teacher who was instrumental in the contemporary revival of klezmer music, died December 25.

Cooper performed the world over, sharing the stage with and recording alongside The Klezmatics, Alicia Svigals, So-Called, and Michael Winograd, among many other prominent musicians. She was also co-creator of various Yiddish-English musicals, including The Memoir of Gluckl of Hameln and Songs From the Kitchen. / Forward

In addition, Cooper was the Workmans Circles external affairs officer for cultural programming, and had worked previously at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, where she was the assistant director.

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