Neturei Karta Rabbis Make Surprise Visit to Lebanon

Anti-Zionist rabbis visit southern Lebanon, following invitations from pro-Palestinian activists.

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Two rabbis of the Jewish Neturei Karta movement, a group of Jews opposed to the existence of Israel, toured the southern Lebanese port city of Sidon, Lebanese television reported on Monday.

Residents of the southern city looked surprised to see the two U.S. members of Neturei Karta touring the old city and the site of a former synagogue.

Neturei Karta rabbis visiting Lebanon on April 2, 2012.Credit: AFP

The two rabbis were wearing Palestinian headscarves and carried signs reading, "I am a Jew, not a Zionist."

Judaism is one of the 18 religious sects officially recognized in Lebanon. Some Jewish families still live in Beirut, where they keep a low profile.

The two rabbis said that they were invited by Palestinian factions along with other Arab and foreign activists.