Jewish Plastic Surgeon in Trouble Over YouTube Song on Nose Jobs

Michael Salzhauer, who commissioned ‘Jewcan Sam’ song and music video, is also offering free nose jobs to young Orthodox Jews to help them find a husband, says the Huffington Post.

A Jewish plastic surgeon is under ethics investigation after he commissioned a song and music video that makes fun of Jews who get nose jobs. According to the Huffington Post, the surgeon is also offering free nose jobs to young Orthodox Jews to help them find a husband.

The surgeon, Michael Salzhauer, known around Miami as "Dr. Schnoz", reportedly commissioned a song called “Jewcan Sam (A Nose Job Love Song)”, which was written and performed by The Groggers, an Orthodox Jewish band in the United States.

The Groggers lead singer Doug Staiman,‘Jewcan Sam (A Nose Job Love Song)'

As part of the deal, Salzhauer offered a free nose job to any of the band’s members, said the Huffington Post on Friday, and the lead singer Doug Staiman took him up on the offer. In the video clip, yarmulka-wearing Staiman tries to woo a blonde woman, but is rejected. He then succumbs to the pressure of a plastic surgeon, played by Salzhauer, and embarks on a nose job that, by the end of the clip, helps him capture the heart of another woman.

“Jewcan Sam” – named after "Toucan Sam," the cartoon mascot for Froot Loops breakfast cereal with a bulging, multicolored beak – has reportedly sparked uproar among some American Jews, who say the song perpetuates a stereotype that does not need any more publicity.

Andrew Rosenkranz, the Florida director for the Anti-Defamation League, called the five-minute video "hurtful" for featuring a Jewish young man who is rejected by a fetching young woman because of his beaky nose, the Huffington Post wrote.

"For hundreds of years Jews have been depicted negatively with distorted features, including large hooked noses," Rosenkranz was quoted as saying. "It's a physical trait that is associated with the image of the Jew as someone who doesn't belong, someone who is alien."

The video, which has already received more than 130,000 views on YouTube, reportedly sparked a serious debate in the Jewish press, with some even calling Salzhauer a "self-hating" Jew.

The report also said The American Society of Plastic Surgeons deemed the video "inappropriate and offensive" in a March 13 statement, and has opened an ethics investigation.

The organization said it had opened an investigation because its Code of Ethics "clearly requires ASPS members to uphold the dignity and honor of the medical profession," ABC News reported, adding that, "generally speaking, if a member of ASPS is found guilt [sic] of breaching its Code of Ethics, the physician can end up on probation, have his or her benefits put on hold, lose membership, and even lose board certification."

Salzhauser, who, according to the report, performs more than 200 nose jobs each year for a mostly non-Jewish clientele, has also begun offering plastic surgery “scholarships” to single Orthodox Jews looking for a spouse, especially targeting women.

"There is a glut of girls," he was quoted as saying, "and the boys are being very picky."