Family Guy's Seth Green - Now Sounding a Little Less Jewish

Actor Seth Benjamin Gesshel-Green claims taking out mother’s maiden name ‘Gesshel’ is ‘to reflect his professional stage name.'

Seth Green, Hollywood actor and star of “Family Guy," will in future sound a little less Semitic, once his application to shorten his name has been processed.

Seth Benjamin Gesshel-Green has petitioned the L.A. County Superior Court to shorten his name to just plain Seth Benjamin Green, American media sources have reported. Gesshel is his mother’s maiden name.


When asked why he decided to shorten his name, the Jewish actor reportedly said that it is “to reflect my professional stage name”.

Once the name change takes effect, Green will have to print a public declaration of his new name once a week for four weeks in a row, says U.S. gossip website TMZ.

The star is due back in court on October 20, and Green will officially be a Gesshel no more.