Israeli Film Wins Grand Experimental Award at Berkeley Festival

Tel Aviv University professor Nitzan Ben Shaul directed 'Turbulence,' the first interactive movie which enables the viewer to decide on the outcome.

The Israeli interactive film "Turbulence" won the Grand Festival Experimental Feature Award at the Berkeley Video and Film festival which took place at the Landmark Shattuck Theaters in downtown Berkeley.


The film made its United States premier on September 26 in an interactive screening before the festival audience.

Tel Aviv university professor Nitzan Ben Shaul and Daphna Cohen Ben Shaul directed the film with a complete cast of Israeli actors, creating the world's first movie which the viewer controls its outcome.

The film, categorized as an experimental hyper narrative interactive feature is a romantic drama about the lives of Israelis in Israel and New York.

It tells the story of three friends who meet in N.Y. more than 20 years after a crucial event which led to their dispersion. The three have a chance to reassess their past, and by so doing, they also have a chance at changing their future.

The plot is filled with pivotal moments which affect the outcome of the character's actions, and at each one of these "what if" moments, the film invites the viewer to select a narrative development that suits his desire.