Yad Vashem Launches YouTube Channel for Iranians

YouTube channel aims to educate Iranians about the Holocaust, as Iranian President Ahmadinejad reiterates his belief that the Holocaust is a myth.

Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial has launched a version of its YouTube channel in Farsi to educate Iran about the Nazi genocide of over 6 million Jews during World War II.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has reiterated his opinion that the Holocaust is a myth and said Israel should be wiped off the map. The country also hosted a conference several years ago questioning whether the Holocaust took place.

The YouTube channel was announced on Sunday to coincide with the United Nation's upcoming annual Holocaust remembrance day.

The chairman of the Yad Vashem memorial said he hoped the site would allow viewers to connect to the Holocaust on a personal level, separate from regional politics.

Yad Vashem already has YouTube channels in English, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and Spanish.

Yad Vashem Farsi YouTube