Hundreds March in Gaza Marking Second Anniversary of Cast Lead

Gaza residents and militia commemorate over 1,300 dead in 2008 Gaza offensive with demonstrations across the coastal enclave.

Thousands of Gaza residents and armed militia marched on Monday in a memorial demonstration marking the two-year anniversary to Operation Cast Lead, in which battles with Israel Defense Forces soldiers left over 1,300 Palestinians dead.

Masked Palestinian militant of the Popular Resistance Committee, a Gaza faction with close ties to the Hamas, attended the gathering to mark two years since the Gaza War, and demonstrated their military capabilities.

Meanwhile, dozens of civilians and young children lit candles in northern Gaza and marched silently in commemoration of the dead.

Israel's volatile front with Gaza has been relatively quiet since the overwhelming military offensive against Palestinian militants two years ago.

But there has been a surge in violence in recent weeks, with militants firing rockets and mortars into Israel and Israel responding with airstrikes.