Jewish Community Hit by London Riots

Member of Tottenham Jewish community reportedly heckle police; at least two stabbings take place in Stamford Hill, one of London’s major Jewish neighborhoods.

The riots began in the north London neighborhood of Tottenham and have overtaken many parts of the city have spread to Jewish neighborhoods, and stores in Stamford Hills and Golders Green have been urged to close and secure their merchandise, according to a JTA report.

Members of the Jewish community have joined the fray, with members of Tottenham’s Hassidic community reportedly gathered in the street on Saturday to heckle police.

London riots - AFP - August 2011

Despite this, most members of the Jewish community have stayed away from the riots, and no synagogues are known to have been damaged, according to the Jewish Chronicle. Some Jewish stores have been ransacked, however, the Chronicle report said.

At least two stabbings were reported in Stamford Hill, one of London’s major Jewish neighborhoods.

Riots began Saturday night after an armed member of the London police fatally shot an alleged drug dealer. The violence has spread to other cities, and three people were killed in Birmingham on Wednesday.

As police gradually begin to gain control over London, riots have been reported in Manchester, Liverpool, Gloucester, Milton Keynes, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton.