Larry David Recommends: Jews Should Cheat on Partners at Palestinian Restaurant

'Curb your Enthusiasm' star also discovers Al-Abbas restaurant has 'world's BEST chicken'.

Love your mom's Shabbos chicken? It might be good but according to "Curb your Enthusiasm"' Larry David, it's no match for the world's BEST chicken, served at L.A.'s new Palestinian restaurant, Al-Abbas.

The fictional and mouthwatering Al-Abbas, is, according to David, the best place for Jews to cheat on their wives – since they would never be seen.

Larry David - AP - July 2011

Apparently some other Yidden had the same idea, and his friends Eileen and Eddies decided to get cozy over to-die-for chicken – despite being married to other people.

The illicit love at Al-Abbas didn't stop there, and David ends up falling into bed with Shara, a fixture at the Palestinian restaurant. However, the inter-ethnic love comes at an anti-Semitic price, with Shara screaming "Zionist pig!" and "Show me the Promised Land!" in the throws of passion.

The "Curb" star, however, was unfazed by her slurs, telling his skullcap-wearing buddy that "the penis doesnt care about race, creed or color. It just wants to go home.