N.Y. High Court Takes on Orthodox Sexual Abuse Scandal

1984 case against alleged Orthodox child molester Avrohom Mondrowitz, a psychologist from Brooklyn, came to a halt after he fled to Israel.

New York States highest court has agreed to hear arguments in a case aimed at shedding light on the failed prosecution of alleged Orthodox child molester Avrohom Mondrowitz.

Mondrowitz fled to Israel following his 1984 indictment on multiple counts of sexual abuse. Alleging that the Brooklyn District Attorneys office had bowed to pressure from the Orthodox community in failing to vigorously pursue his extradition, journalist and attorney Michael Lesher has sought documents from the DA relating to the case under the states Freedom of Information Law.


The states highest court announced on April 28 that it would hear an appeal on an appellate courts rejection of a lower court ruling ordering the DAs office to release the documents.

Mondrowitz, a Brooklyn-based psychologist, was among the first of a series of high-profile rabbis or yeshiva teachers to be indicted on charges of sexual abuse that have rocked the Orthodox community in recent decades. Press reports have stated that the five-count indictment against him is based on complaints from more than 100 victims.