The Orthodox Jewish Battle Over a N.Y. School System

Tensions over the Rockland County schools mirror tensions in the handful of cities and towns across the country, where expanding Orthodox communities have chafed with locals.

The battle between a New York Orthodox Jewish community and its neighbors over the local public school system took a drastic turn in late April as the school boards Orthodox president resigned amid corruption allegations, and a federal official confirmed a civil rights investigation into the district.

While the corruption allegations against the board president relate to his alleged conduct in another elected office, the rapid-fire developments come after months of growing tensions between the Orthodox-dominated board of Rockland Countys East Ramapo Central School District and the districts non-Orthodox residents.

Courtesy of The Forward and Aron Wieder.

The latest revelations come as the board begins again to consider selling a public school building presently being leased to two Orthodox yeshivas.

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