Israeli Haggadah Offers Visual Feast for the Passover Seder

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Avner Gicelter
Out of Egypt...into space: Jews of every generation, even future ones, are obliged to see themselves as having left Egypt. Credit: Avner Gicelter
Anat Rosenberg
Anat Rosenberg
Anat Rosenberg
Anat Rosenberg

Passover is all about freedom (celebrating the oppressed Israelites’ exodus from Egypt) and tradition (gathering every year around the seder table to recount that story while reading the Haggadah and eating a festive meal).

Those two facets of the holiday have inspired a newly published Hebrew-English Haggadah from Jaffa-based design shop Asufa.
Asufa co-owner and designer Lior Yamin launched the Hebrew version of the Haggadah in 2013, but this year marks the publication of its first bilingual edition – an addition meant to share the project with Diaspora Jews.

The Haggadah features works by more than 40 Israeli designers, illustrators and typographers. Their only directives? Create a two-page spread for the book and stick to the traditional Haggadah text.

The results, some of which can be seen below, range from pages that resemble classic wrestling posters and board games to those featuring unique typography and more traditional Judaica-inspired images. Hopefully they can help steer the conversation away from heated political debates and get everyone to stay at the table after dinner is finished.

Asufa bilingual Haggadah (seder text translated by David Tzvi Kalman and Tikva Blaukopf), $31

The Hebrew-English Haggadah by Asufa.Credit: Ido Adan
R.I.P. little goat: A glum take on "Had Gadya," the final song of the Haggadah and the Passover Seder.Credit: Amit shimoni
Praising God in an Etch-A-Sketch-like take on "Adir Hu," one of the hymns about His virtues sung during the Passover Seder.Credit: Tal Shafir
The final blessing on the wine and the Seder concludes with the saying, "Next year in Jerusalem."Credit: Marianna Raskin
Blood, fire and pillars of smoke: The signs and wonders that God performed.Credit: Shira Nochumsohn
In every generation they rise up to destroy us: Hitler and Saddam pictured in the Haggadah.Credit: Ortal Avraham
The wise one, the wicked one, the simple one and the one who doesn't know how to ask.Credit: Nadav Weisman
We were slaves to Pharoah in Egypt: Envisioning what would have happened had our ancestors not been liberated.Credit: Noa Snir
Can't remember the order of the Seder? This handy board-game-inspired page will keep you on track.Credit: Enosh Bar Tur
What's on your Seder plate? One designer's gory interpretation of the traditional Passover elements.Credit: Dekel Hevroni

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