Jewish American Sweetheart Zach Braff Plugs YU in Purim Message

Actor-director claims to be a doctor, lawyer and Maccabeat in wry spot.

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Purim is about a month away, but that hasn’t stopped Jewish-American actor-director Zach Braff from taking part in some holiday fun with a recently filmed greeting that doubles as an ad for Yeshiva University.

In the 30-second video, the Jewish actor-director also claims to be a doctor, lawyer and ordained rabbi – while flashing infomercial-style subtitles inform viewers he is none of those things.

He says that when looking for an institution combining "world-class academics and top-rate Judaic studies there's only one choice for me: Yeshiva University." As the short clip ends, it says "Happy Purim!" while Braff announces that he is also a Maccabeat.

The video then fades to the hashtag #nowherebuthere – YU's tagline.

Zach BraffCredit: Reuters