WATCH: Technion Students Do Purim Harlem Shake

Israel's institute of technology releases the latest in a series of Jewish holiday dance videos intended to promote it as a hip institution.

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The Technion has just released its latest in a new series of Jewish holiday videos – part of a campaign to promote itself as a hip institution.

Its latest Purim video, just released on YouTube, shows a group of physics students doing their own version of the Harlem Shake, a 1980s dance recently re-popularized that has individuals dressed in strange attire jerking themselves around to the sounds of an electronic dance track. It starts with one person dancing alone, with the rest of the group looking on indifferently, but about halfway through, everyone else joins in.

The Technion version is filmed in a physics classroom, where for the first 15 seconds, the students are sitting at their desk quietly doing their work while one of their classmates performs the weird dance. Halfway through, they get up to join him, suddenly all decked in their Purim costumes.

The Technion Rosh Hashanah video had the institute’s president, Peretz Lavie, and Nobel Prize Laureate Dan Schechtman dancing hip-hop, and its Chanukah video had a robot lighting a menorah. The Hanukkah video had close to half a million views and was featured on the widely watched CBS Evening News in the United States.

Click here to watch the Hanukkah video.

Clieck here to watch the Rosh Hashanah video.

Screenshot of Technion Purim dance videoCredit: Screenshot of Technion Purim dance video

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