Watch: 10 of the Best Joan Rivers Clips

Ruta Kupfer
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Ruta Kupfer

About a month ago, when the comedian Robin Williams committed suicide, everyone remembered his appearance on Louis CK’s TV show “Louis.” In the piece, two comedians meet at the funeral of a comedy club owner. At the end, each promises to attend the funeral of the other. Now, with the death of Joan Rivers, her own appearance on “Louis” comes to mind. In it, she’s discussing what motivates comedians and she says to a younger comedian “It doesn’t get better; you get better.”

Another connection between the two late comedians appeared on the Playboy website. The magazine republished excerpts from its 1986 interview with Rivers, during which she spoke of her iconic role on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” Referring Jack Gould, the former television critic of the New York Times, who described her as “probably the most instinctively funny woman in the world,” the interviewer asked her: “So, as the instinctively most funny woman, who do you think is funny?”

Rivers replied: “At the moment, my favorite is Robin Williams. There's nobody like him. His mind is just wonderful. I respect him because he does what I do. I've seen him get up at The Comedy Store, work out a whole Carson shot and then come on Carson and make it look like it's easy.”

Here is Rivers being hillarious on Carson:

As Carson's stand-in, interviewing Lucille Ball:

With Jimmy Fallon, current host of Late Night

With David Letterman:

Jimmy Kimmel with Rivers' protégé Sarah Silverman, bantering about each other's attire in homage to Rivers' Fashion Police:

In Bed With Joan with Sarah Silverman:

Joan Rivers on Fashion Police:Joan with a Hollywood diva – Miss Piggy:

Rivers says her piece on Israel, Palestine and movie stars:

Flowers are placed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star for Joan Rivers in Hollywood, California on September 4, 2014, following news of the comedian's death in New York at the age of 81. Credit: AFP