'Thanksgivukkah Under Attack' and Other YouTube Sensations

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The Thanksgiving-Hanukkah face off. Photo: Screengrab.

The historic event we've all be waiting for has finally arrived -- Thursday night, turkeys will be roasting alongside Hanukkah candles that are burning. As if the miracle of pecan pie rugelach wasn't enough, the cyber world has been blessed with a number of comedic gems to celebrate the colliding of many a Jewish American's two favorite holidays.

When the Jewish acapella group The Maccabeats released "Candlelight" in 2010, a parody cover of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite" with new and improved lyrics detailing Hanukkah traditions, the genre became an instant classic #holidayjinglespoof. This once-in-a-70,000 year event has given vocal stylists of 2013 fresh ammo, and this season's videos are more outrageous than ever.

Big Teeth's song "Oils," a cover of Royals by Lorde, celebrates the holistic aspect of Thanksgivukkah, a holiday that unites "Pilgrims, Indians, readers of the Torah, Puritans, Wompanoags, dancers of the Hora." No trimming the fat this year, we’re stuffing everyone in.

In a cover of “Scream and Shout” by Will.i.am and America's (ex)sweetheart Britney Spears, Buba Myses tackles the mixed emotions and compromises that many may be grappling with as the novel holiday approaches. Luckily, Hanukkah won’t be colonizing the otherwise 'wholesome' holiday of Thanksgiving for another few millennia, so no need to go cold-turkey on the festivities next year.

In what may arguably be the world's most adorable rap-off, a turkey and a dreidel battle for their respective right to the holiday season only to realize that they are better together. And who can argue with them -- the turkey fits right in to Hanukkah's long time anthem, the dreidel song: "Oh dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, a turkey I shall slay."

The satirical trailer of "Thanksgivukkah: The Movie" plays out the haunting takeover of Thanksgiving by the Rosenblums, "a tale of stereotypes gone completely out of control." As if indulging in a Thanksgiving feast didn’t make us self-conscious enough about that extra winter weight, throw in an overbearing Bubbie shoveling thirds of challah stuffing down our throats and a painfully neurotic Jewish mother criticizing our every move.

And last but not least – in case you've been living in a cave and haven't seen it yet - watch the Colbert Report's coverage of "Thanksgiving Under Attack." If Stephen Colbert doesn't spoof about it, did it even happen?

While they may not pay tribute to the special convergence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, these Technion students deserve honorable mention for embracing the Thanksgivukkah spirit of revamping an old classic. In true Technion style, they marked yet another cherished holiday in a uniquely scientific way, playing a rendition of "Maoz Tzur" on part-filled beakers.

If the creativity and spunk of this handful of videos is any indication of the festivities to come, let's hope this once-in-a-70,000-year miracle turns out to be a light unto other holidays, carving out the shared values of once estranged traditions. 

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