U.S. Rapper Wears Fake Hooked Nose, Beard - a Case for the ADL?

Macklemore didn't wear kippah, tallit, Star of David or any other Jewish accessory for Seattle show, but many tweeters were outraged by his outfit.

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U.S. rapper Macklemore in disguise at Seattle party, May 16, 2014. Screenshot from Twitter

When a rapper, before going onstage at a big party, disguises himself with an outsized, hooked prosthetic nose and fake black beard, is that anti-Semitic? This is the question being asked today about the popular American rapper Macklemore, Buzzfeed reports.

He didn't wear a kippah or tallit or Star of David or any other specifically Jewish accessory; it was mainly the nose, which is by no means specifically Jewish. But after Macklemore (aka Ben Haggerty) showed up in disguise at Seattle's EMP Museum for the Friday opening of a new exhibit on music videos, then went onstage and performed, some of the tweeters were outraged.

Macklemore responded to the charge with a tweet denying that his costume was anti-Semitic: "A fake witches nose, wig, and beard = random costume. Not my idea of a stereotype of anybody."

From "jay, miss fanservice": "want to lose your faith in humanity? Macklemore wore a jewish stereotype costume to a concert."

From "JD MAGNESS": "What a sick joke this guy is. Why did Macklemore perform a secret show in Jew-face?"

Others, though, saw nothing objectionable.

From "Michael Barthel": "Super unsurprised that Seattlites didn't think Macklemore's Jewish costume was offensive."

In April, the rapper, whose family background is Irish, released a video that showed him blowing a shofar – a ram's horn of the type heard in synagogues to announce the Jewish New Year – some of his fans wondered if he was Jewish.

"Nah," tweeted Macklemore. "Just got hella good Jewish homies."