In Rosh Hashanah Video Netanyahu Stresses Importance of 'Candy Crush' Skills

Obama takes a more serious approach, talks about the holidays as an opportunity for self-reflection.

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In a YouTube clip released on the eve Rosh Hashanah, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has us thinking he is going to deliver another one of his stern warnings about the threats facing Israel.

But is staring down at his iPad as he's talking – the first give away something else is happening.

"We need to act wisely. We need concentration. We need to advance to the next stage,' he says in the video.

Then the screen turns to the game Candy Crush Saga and the joke is revealed. From this joke the premier turns to say that these traits are also the traits that are needed for protecting Israel.

Netanyahu ended his video with the traditional wish "Shana tova."

U.S. President Barack Obama also addressed world Jewry in a video address on the eve of Rosh Hashanah. His message was more serious, emphasizing the holiday as an opportunity for reflection on one's life.

"As the high holidays begin, it’s a chance not just to celebrate with friends and family, but to ask some of life’s most piercing questions," Obama said. "Am I treating strangers with kindness? Am I living not just for myself, but for others? Am I doing my part to repair the world? Where we fall short, the New Year is a new opportunity to get things right."

With regards to Israel, Obama said "Beyond our borders, we must stand for the security of our allies, even as we take new steps in the pursuit of peace. I was proud to visit Israel earlier this year to renew the unbreakable bond between our two countries, and to talk directly with young Israelis about the future we share."

Netanyahu: We must advance to the next stage