Holocaust Commemorated in Donetsk as Mobs Roam the Streets

Knowledge of the Holocaust is scarce, but the demons that caused it are as present as ever in people's souls.

Tali Mayer, Janos Chiala
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Lighting a Holocaust memorial candle at Donetsk University.Credit: Tali Meyer
Tali Mayer, Janos Chiala

The University of Donetsk in the Ukraine held a memorial for Holocaust victims on Monday, Israel's official Holocaust Remembrance Day. Prof. Vladimir Mosgorf, head of the university's language faculty, talked about how his grandfather hid Jews during World War II until this was discovered and he was forced to flee. The event was attended by both Jews and non-Jews.

I came because it's important to talk about the Holocaust and to remember it," Kyril, a lawyer attending the event said. "Forgetting the fascist and criminal past will be a disaster for our future. We can't let it happen again, not only for the Jews but for everyone else as well.

Outside, Ukrainian nationalists clashed with pro-Russians. Casualties were reported.