Story of Canadian Doctor Who Reunited With Israeli Man He Saved 10 Years Ago Goes Viral

A 38-year-old Ra'anana doctor, who is a native of Toronto, was asked to examine a baby and ended up reuniting with the man whose life he had saved a decade ago.

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A Facebook posting by a Ra'anana doctor who was reunited with the man he saved a decade ago has gone viral.

"Have you ever had one of those days when you are just really happy that you went to work?" Jay Wohlgelernter, an attending ENT physician at Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel in Petah Tikvah, began his Facebook post. "Today was one of those days!"

Wohlgelernter, a 38-year-old native of Toronto, posted to his Facebook page last Wednesday, several hours after he was asked by his colleagues at Schneider to examine an eight-month-old baby with vocal cord paralysis who had recently undergone open-heart surgery for a congenital heart defect. Following the examination, when Wohlgelernter met with the infant's family, he noticed the grandfather staring at him.

"He then looked me in the eyes and told me that a Canadian doctor had once saved his life," wrote Wohlgelernter. "He thought for minute and said that his name was similar to mine and sounded something like Dr. Jay. I asked for more details and he proceeded to tell me that he attended the doctor's wedding. I lowered my voice and asked him what his name was, although by then I already knew. His eyes widened as he said 'Rahamim Mizrahi.' I felt lightheaded and got up from my chair. He started to cry and ran over to me. He gave me a big hug and kiss. He grabbed the back of my head and asked what happened to my ponytail."

In his post, which has thus far been shared more than 330 times, earned nearly 100 "likes" and nearly 60 supportive comments, Wohlgelernter describes in vivid detail how he and a paramedic frantically attempted to save the life of Mizrahi, who was nearly left for dead after suffering a heart attack ten years ago. At the time, Wohlgelernter was working as a doctor on a mobile intensive care ambulance in Jerusalem and was called to Mizrahi's Gilo home. Wohlgelernter managed to stabilize Mizrahi, who fell into a coma, from which he awoke two days later.

"His prognosis, after what his heart had been through so many times, was poor," wrote Wohlgelernter. "Once again, after our serendipitous, emotional reunion today I am amazed at what the human spirit and body can overcome."

Wohlgelernter, who made aliyah in 2000, does not plan on losing contact with the family again.

"I told them that their grandson would now be my patient for many years to come and that I will personally make sure that he has a crisp clear voice," Wohlgelernter wrote, concluding his post. "I fully intend to dance at his wedding the same way his grandfather danced at my wedding. As I said before, once in a while it's really worthwhile to go to work. You never know who you just might bump into."

Screenshot of Jay Wohlgelernter's Facebook post.