No Need to Cook: Pre-made Meals for Rosh Hashanah

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Cooking a huge holiday meal is quite a feat. You have to make enough food for lots of guests, make it taste good, and make it look effortless, to boot. We thought we’d make it a little easier for you by offering some options for pre-cooked holiday meals by some of Israel’s leading restaurants.

Master chef in the kitchen: Yaffo-Tel Aviv

Haim Cohen, head chef at the Yaffo-Tel Aviv restaurant is offering a wide array of gourmet options for your Rosh Hashanah meal.

The menu includes roast lamb and vegetables, beef shoulder roast in red wine and shallots, spätzle, jasmine rice, beet and cranberry salad, and a delicious apple and honey cake for desert.

Orders must be placed in advance, and can be picked up between Tuesday, September 3, and Wednesday, September 4.

Yaffo-Tel Aviv: 98 Yigal Alon Street, Tel Aviv.

Gourmet delivered to your door: Yochanan

Chefs Yochanan Berenstein and Itay Fridman have prepared a rich, varied menu for Rosh Hashanah, with classic offerings alongside more exotic, experimental dishes, made from the best, most healthy ingredients around.

The menu contains classics like matzo ball chicken soup, gefilte fish, and chopped liver alongside colorful, unique salads, roast lamb shoulder with olive oil, garlic and seasonings (NIS 28 for 100 grams); roast entrecote with mustard, thyme, and rosemary (NIS 250 per kilogram), with sides of green rice, roasted potatoes with glazed baby onions and chestnuts. For dessert you’ll find a ricotta cherry tart, an almond, date, and cardamom cake, a baked chocolate cheesecake, and more. Also, you can order a special kit from Yochanan’s pantry for the holiday, which includes organic grape juice and honey, nectarine jam, rosewater, and more.

They deliver to your door. For full details, call 03-6054466.

Yochanan: 86 Hahashmonaim Street, Tel Aviv.

The healthy choice: Nelly’s Kitchen

Nelly’s Kitchen, located in Jaffa, offers a great menu of pre-cooked food for the holiday, which includes classic dishes, sides, and rich colorful deserts, all made with the healthiest, most nutritious ingredients. Nelly’s Kitchen also sports some great vegetarian and vegan options.

The holiday menu includes baked sea bass with herbs (NIS 52), leg of lamb in red wine and rosemary (NIS 70), baked beats filled with bulgur and vegetables in an almond-mint sauce (NIS 18), leeks in wine, baby potatoes with rosemary (NIS 40 per kilogram); and beats with ginger and oranges (NIS 50 per kilogram), an apple and honey cake (NIS 48), and more.

To place an order, call 054-4363332 or 03-6813802.

Nelly’s Kitchen is located in Jaffa’s flea market.

The holiday tradition: Delicatessen

Delicatessen has a great slew of offerings for a pre-cooked Rosh Hashanah meal, deli style. The menu includes dishes like stuffed apricots (NIS 46), gefilte fish (NIS 75), sweet potato kreplach with parmesan (NIS 29), pumpkin pomegranate salad (NIS 18), tzimmes (NIS 15), salmon in filo dough (NIS 198), roast beef (NIS 52), goose confit cooked in garlic, cinnamon and cloves (NIS 59), mashed potatoes (NIS 15) and more. In addition, you can order wines, sauces, spreads, and other deserts for your holiday meal.

To order, click here.

Delicatessen: 79-81 Yehuda Halevi Street, Tel Aviv

Portuguese flavor: Tchernikovsky 6

Tchernikovsky 6 bistro offers a wide variety of precooked meals that you can take home for the holiday. The menu includes gefilte fish (NIS 17), chopped liver with schmaltz, roast beef in mushrooms and gravy (NIS 45 per serving), Boeuf Bourguignon in red wine sauce (NIS 52 per serving), lentils and cherry tomatoes in white wine sauce (NIS 29 per serving), roasted root vegetables (NIS 25 per 500 grams), whole grain rice and vegetables (NIS 30 for 500 grams), and more. There are also desert offerings like apple and honey cake, or other complementary items like fine cheeses, and port wines, all for special prices.

To order, click here.

Tchernikovsky 6: 6 Tchernikovsky Street, Tel Aviv.

Yaffo-Tel AvivCredit: Dudu Abitbol
Yochanan.Credit: Ben Yuster
Nelly’s Kitchen.Credit: Daniel Lailah
Delicatessen.Credit: Rotem Maimon
Tchernikovsky 6.Credit: Limor Edrey