Jewish Men Outnumber Women in United States, Study Finds

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Pew study results.

Whoever said there are no nice Jewish men around?

It may feel sometimes like nice ones are in short supply, but there are certainly more than enough Jewish men to go around – at least among Jewish women.

The latest Pew report on religion in America, published this week, shows that Jewish men outnumber Jewish women in the United States, whereas among Christians, the opposite is true.

According to the findings, 52 percent of American Jews are male and 48 percent are female. That hasn’t changed since seven years ago, the last time the study was conducted.

Among Christians, on the other hand, 55 percent are women and 45 percent are men.

Among other religious minorities, it turns out, male dominance is even more pronounced than among Jews. A whopping 62 percent of American Hindus, for example, are male, while only 38 percent are female.

A similar imbalance is evident among Muslims. According to the Pew findings, 65 percent of American Muslims are male, and only 35 percent are female. The report notes, however, that this figure is significantly higher than one obtained in a previous Pew report on U.S. Muslims, believed to be more accurate. That report, published in 2011, found that men accounted for 55 percent of all American Muslims.